About Us

From Kristin: 

Why another custom printed apparel and mug company you may ask?

I’ll tell you WHY. Because we shockingly care!

While it’s easy to look at the world today and say what a messed up place we live, we try to live life in the positive and realize that this world is made up of billions of people and not every one of them are trying to make the world a bad place to live, in fact the MAJORITY actually want others to do well and be happy – believe it or not!

Some of these designs may seem simple and nonsense, but it's the simplicity which reminds us of that over complicating things never ends well. Enjoy.

 From Jamie:

I love people. I really do.

I look at society and think we are all just trying to get by the best we know how.

Sometimes that know-how is... crap (not yours of course).

But other times it can be uplifting and inspirational. I try to exemplify the latter. Mostly because that’s what I would like to see, but also if I could impart even a little uplifting sentiment then that’s all I can ask for.

If I can make a design, quote or something that understands you, makes you laugh or gives even the tiniest boost in your life, THAT’S why I do this and why I love creating designs for you. Heart.